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04 06.16

Welcome to our new website!

We are happy to welcome you to our new website! Owing to the change in the ownership structure, Fabryka Papieru Sp. z o.o. implemented technological changes in the paper production process. Moreover, we have also created the new website to improve customer experience. Please learn more about our... »

04 06.16

New owner, new machines, new Factory!

In Spring 2016 Fabryka Papieru sp. z o.o. changed its owner and management board.  From August to September, both our machines were significantly renovated. New machines for cleaning the pulp and calendaring the paper were installed. Moreover, the whole drying section was completely renovated. As... »

04 06.16

Continued development of the Factory

In order to meet customer needs, we keep improving the quality of our products and services. The renovations allow us to offer high quality paper and cardboards in sheets, reels and bobbins. Our machines work 24/7 to ensure constant deliveries to our clients. Next year we are planning to widen our... »

04 06.16

New product! Ecological solid cardboards 400 and 450 g/m2.

We are happy to announce that we have introduced a new product – ecological solid cardboard in grammages of 400 and 450 gsm. The cardboard is made of durable recycled paper. Further information can be acquired from our sales department. Ewa Wilk: Dariusz Daszkiewicz:... »

04 06.16

No heavy metals in our ecological products

In March 2017 we renewed our certificate, confirming the lack of heavy metals in our products made of recycled paper.  Owing to this test, our recycled paper can be used for direct contact with food products. Our interleaves made of solid cardboards can be used on production lines manufacturing... »